Christmas on old style

In the unexpected way, the number of ortodox people who celebrate in the Christmas old style exceeds the number of those who comply with the new style, including the majority of the Romans.

The fact is due to the large number of Russians and also the 1917 Revolution that started, this has not affected the religious holidays.

Old style habits

The tradition of Christmas holidays in Russia is very old, dating at least from the time of Prince Vladimir, dating from the 10th century.

Their habits are different from ours. Christmas carols are rarer, but instead they organize traditional songs with choruses.

In Russia, as everywhere around the globe, there is this superstition about the Horseshoe and good luck. As a result, the Smiths through the country produce as many horseshoes as they can which enthusiasts buy and keep on the verge of the house.

Another custom says that during Christmas morning, if the first who entered the house will be a male, that house will have good fortunate. If, on the contrary, the first is a woman, the house will be hit by misfortune. As a result, on the first day of Christmas most women prefer to stay at home.

Russians may not have the habit to keep for the next day leftovers from Christmas dinner. They shall be carried to the edge of the city, where they will feed the wolves, as those who did not, will fall prey to them during the year. That is the believing.

Russia is the country with the world’s most Orthodox populous rite in the world (estimated at nearly 100 million believers), follow the Ukraine and Romania (about 17 million believers of Orthodox Rite declared).

Most of the citizen of this country celebrates Christmas on December 25 and are almost 9,000 Russians, 22,500 Serbs, and many Ukrainians in Romanians. These traditions is kept from father to son.

On Christmas day, everybody goes to church and then at noon the families come together at a traditional table with dishes grilled pig, cabbage, fish and soups, drizzled in abundance wine and vodka.

Russians put on the Christmas table traditional food. The guests are delighted to taste and indulge in this feast.

The housewives prepare small knot-shaped bread with some basil flowers, hanging them next to the icon and kept until the celebration of Saint George.

Then, pull them out and give the animals to eat, in order to keep the house free from evil spirits and bad luck.
These tradition and many others are part of this holiday.

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