Easter in Romania and the Legend of the Easter Bunny

Ambient Residence invites you to spend Easter in Brasov with your loved ones in a family environment. We will prepare with love the traditional dishes that you can enjoy in the restaurant of the Ambient Hotel waiting for the arrival of the bunny.

Easter Offer

• traditional lunch or dinner in the date of 16.04.2017, in the Hotel Ambient Restaurant(there are menus with lamb, veal or vegetarian)
• unlimited wireless internet access in every room & public areas
• increased value provided by our partners through Ambient Exclusive

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With an antiquity of a thousand years, Easter is for Christians one of the most important festivals. Easter for the Romanians, unites the family and is a reason for celebration and joy for the resurrection of Jesus Christ and because our sins have been forgiven and a new cycle of life begins.

The Easter preparations that are usually not missing from the table are the red eggs, the Drob made of lamb meat and Pasca. The eggs are painted on Holy Thursday.

On Easter Sunday, the tradition is for people to wear new clothes that signify a renewal of body and spirit, and go to the Easter mass. On the morning of this holy day, put in a pot of cold water, an egg and a silver coin and people wash their faces with this water to have red cheeks like the egg, to be strong as money and have plenty. Also on this day comes the bunny, eagerly awaited by children who bring many gifts and joy.

There are some places where the rabbit is replaced by other animals. In Switzerland, for example, cuckoos bring children colorful eggs and in some places in Germany, children believe in Easter fox.

The Easter Rabbit is a pagan symbol, symbol of fertility, Christians associate it with the appearances of Jesus after the resurrection. The Bunny is first mentioned as a symbol of Easter in Germany around 1590. In some regions of the country it is believed that the bunny brings red eggs on Holy Thursday and different color on the night before Easter.

The rabbit is a mysterious animal since the earliest times. Since the days when people lived in tribes, the bunny was considered a nocturnal, lunar being, and its form has always been compared to the images that can be seen on the Moon. For example, if you take a good look, you will definitely notice the shape of a rabbit or at least the footprints of its legs.

Among other symbols of Easter there are lilies that are an expression of purity and the butterfly, which emerges from the chrysalis in another form, reminds us of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter!

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